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Understanding Abscessed Teeth and Affordable Dental Care Options

Posted on Thursday, May. 23rd 2024 10:00 AM by Dental Plan Review in Abscess / tooth infection, Dental Care, Dental Help, Dental Insurance, Dental Quote Comments Off on Understanding Abscessed Teeth and Affordable Dental Care Options

Question: What is an abscess, and how do you get an abscessed tooth?

Reply: An abscessed tooth is a severe dental condition that can significantly affect oral health and well-being. It most commonly occurs due to severe tooth decay, which creates a painful infection at the root of a tooth or between the gum and a tooth. However, it can also result from trauma to the tooth, such as breakage or chipping, as well as from gingivitis or gum disease. These issues create openings in the tooth enamel, allowing harmful bacteria to infect the tooth pulp, and in severe cases, the infection can spread to the bones supporting the tooth. Maintaining good oral hygiene, such as regular brushing and flossing, can help prevent tooth decay and reduce the risk of developing an abscessed tooth.

It’s crucial to seek immediate dental care if you suspect you have an abscessed tooth. Remember, untreated dental abscesses not only cause severe pain but can also lead to more significant health issues. Seeing a dentist right away can bring you relief from the infection and alleviate your discomfort. Don’t delay seeking professional dental care if you suspect you have an abscessed tooth. Your oral health is too important to ignore, and immediate care can make a significant difference.

Abscessed Tooth and Dental Insurance. 

Question: I may have an abscessed tooth. I do not currently have dental insurance, and with the cost of dental care, I have been putting off going to the dentist because I do not have the money for treatment. I don’t know what I can do, but I am having some pain issues now. 

Reply: Sadly, deferring dental care is never a good idea since, as you can see, it generally only leads to more extensive and, yes, more costly dental care treatment. The cost of dental care without insurance can vary depending on the procedure and the dentist’s fees. For example, a routine check-up and cleaning can cost around $ 100, while a root canal can cost several hundred dollars. Yet you still have some options left. 

1) You can buy a low-cost dental discount plan. These plans, which typically run around $15.00 a month, can significantly reduce your dental care cost at plan providers. They usually become effective the next business day, which is crucial since you should see a dentist right away before your infection starts to spread and cause not only oral health issues but an overall health problem. These plans often cover a wide range of dental services, from routine check-ups to more complex procedures, making them a cost-effective solution for those without dental insurance.

2) You can buy a lower-cost HMO insurance plan, which is similar to a dental discount plan. With both options, you will need to go to plan providers, but they usually do not have any plan waiting periods, which is what you want. However, they are generally only effective the following month you buy them. Though they all have different cut-off dates, make sure you know before purchasing the effective date so you can immediately make a dental appointment. The main difference between these two options is that an HMO insurance plan typically requires you to choose a primary care dentist from a network of providers, while a dental discount plan allows you to visit any dentist who accepts the plan. 

3) Visiting a local dental school can be a great option to save on dental care costs. Dental schools often offer lower-cost care to dental students under the supervision of experienced professionals. While this can lead to significant savings, it’s important to note that the process may require some guidance. You will typically need to schedule an appointment and may need to allow for extra time as the procedures may take longer than in a private practice. Researching the specifics of local dental schools and understanding the enrollment or appointment procedures is essential to making the most of this opportunity.

4) See if there are any dental clinics near you. Dental clinics often offer more affordable treatment services than private practices, making them a good option for those on a budget. Additionally, some clinics offer sliding scale fees based on your income, making quality dental care more accessible. It’s worth exploring your options and finding a clinic that can provide the care you need at a price you can afford. Remember, there are options available to you, and you have the power to take control of your dental health.

The Signs and Symptoms of an Abscessed Tooth

If you have an abscessed tooth, here are some signs and symptoms. If you have some of these symptoms, you should see your dentist ASAP: 

1) A toothache that is severe and continuous. 

2) A Fever 

3) Pain when chewing 

4) Sensitivity to hot or cold food and or drinks 

5) Bitter taste in the mouth and foul breath 

6) Swollen neck glands 

7) Redness and swelling of the gums 

8) Swollen area of the upper or lower jaw 

9) An open, draining sore on the side of the gum

How to Prevent an Abscessed Tooth

Preventing an abscessed tooth begins with establishing and maintaining excellent oral hygiene practices. Good oral hygiene involves brushing your teeth thoroughly twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, making sure to reach all surfaces of the teeth and along the gumline. Daily flossing helps remove plaque and food particles between the teeth, reducing the risk of infection and decay. Using an antibacterial mouthwash can also help to kill harmful bacteria in the mouth.

In addition to these daily habits, it is vital to schedule regular dental check-ups and cleanings. Your dentist can identify and address potential issues early on, preventing them from developing into more severe problems like abscessed teeth. These routine visits contribute to preventing abscesses and play a crucial role in maintaining your oral health and well-being. By following these practices and seeking professional dental care, you are taking an active role in reducing the risk of developing an abscessed tooth. Your commitment to regular check-ups can make a significant difference in your oral health.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information. If you have further questions or concerns about abscessed teeth, dental care, or dental insurance, please visit for more helpful resources. You can also contact us at 310-534-3444 for personalized assistance. Take care of your oral health, and remember that seeking prompt dental care is essential for preventing and treating dental issues.

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Our dedicated team is committed to helping you find the right dental insurance plan that aligns with your specific requirements and budget. By partnering with reputable insurance providers, we ensure our clients can access affordable and reliable dental coverage. From basic plans for essential dental care to more comprehensive options encompassing a broader range of services, we have the perfect solution for you.

For those interested in exploring their dental insurance options or obtaining a free personalized quote, we invite you to contact our knowledgeable team. Call our office at 310-534-3444 to speak with a friendly representative who will be more than happy to assist you in finding the ideal dental insurance plan that suits your needs. is dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain optimal oral health by making quality dental care accessible and affordable. Contact us today to take the first step toward securing the dental insurance coverage you deserve.

Posted on Thursday, May. 23rd 2024 10:00 AM | by Dental Plan Review | in Abscess / tooth infection, Dental Care, Dental Help, Dental Insurance, Dental Quote | Comments Off on Understanding Abscessed Teeth and Affordable Dental Care Options


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